Being in the process of becoming a graphic designer has put myself facing a number of challenges: some manageable, since I already have some experience with, and some more difficult, like writing.

Writing has been a pain for me in several ways, like creative blocks, like the one I am experiencing right now; and the problem of writing in a different language from the one I’m used to speak, hear and write.

Anyhow, I decided to start writing my experiences about the projects I’m working on. Most of the projects are personal enrichment or learning something new. There will be sketches and unfinished projects I’ve been working on or pretend to continue working on as well. Other projects are the ones I have done or will do for school, for I’m a student enrolled in the Graphic Design BS program at the Full Sail University. And some, which I hope they will grow over time, the commissions from clients.

This week have been a lot of fun writing for my class of Digital Storytelling. I had a great time reading a lot of fairy tales looking for inspiration and choosing one to create a twist of it and also creating an scene to illustrate such tale.

Before continuing, I would like to provide some information about the previous post, the picture of myself made in Adobe Illustrator (Ai). That was my first project I did in school, a self portrait done using only shapes of flat color without gradients or any special effects. It took me about ten hours to complete because I took the long path of doing every strand of hair and every crease in my face. However I’m satisfied with the results, that’s why I posted it in the first place, like an starting point of my Journal about Graphic Design.

Now, back to this week work, I choose the tale of the Little Red Riding Hood, and made a twist of it with the title of the “Lil’ Red Riding Cap” where the protagonist is a countryside boy who lives near a swamp, where a giant Crocodile is terrorizing the folks of the town. I made an sketch of the climax scene of the story in a piece of paper at work with pen:


red cap and croc

and then with it as a template I made an illustration in Ai:

Illustration for the Tale : "Lil' Red Riding Cap"
Illustration for the Tale : “Lil’ Red Riding Cap”

then it was imported to Photoshop to make some corrections and enhancements:

Illustration for the Tale: "the Lil' Red Riding Cap" final
Illustration for the Tale: “the Lil’ Red Riding Cap” final

The tale of Lil’ Red Riding Cap is another story.